Born and raised in Munising Michigan, these two brave men are ready to take on the world that is, craft brewing!

They're ditching the everyday, 9-5 lifestyle to pursue their passion for brewing... And Beer! 

Come Meet Our Team!

George Schultz

George Schultz is the owner and brew-master of ByGeorge Brewing Co. His credentials are vast including Bachelor's degrees in not only Chemistry, but Pharmacy as well. George has 17 years of home-brewing experience under his belt. In that period of time he has created upwards of 200 various styles of beer. He is currently a Pharmacist and is looking to make a smooth transition into his love of the brewery operations and his passion for craft beer. His general upbeat rapport with people should greatly aid in the transition into a devoted brew-master. 

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is the co-owner and brewer of ByGeorge Brewing Co. His love of craft beer began when he lived in Colorado throughout his 20's; this was when the craft beer boom really appeared in that area. He's carried that passion back to his hometown of Munising, MI. He involved himself in home-brewing and studying the craft on a personal level. For the last 10 years Matt has been a vital member in the family's construction business.  His hands-on approach to life should transition well into the brewing operations.