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est. 2019

231 E Superior St 

Munising, MI 49862 

Phone: (906)-387-BREW 

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Closed for Brewing

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Our Current Brews on Tap

Moody Ruby's Red Cluster Fugget
(Red Lager)

Oh Ruby... Why are you so moody?

This Vienna/San Fran Hybrid lager delivers on easy drinking!

Ruby Red hues lead into a slightly malty, slightly sweet and dry mouthfeel and finishes with mild floral notes of the cluster fugget hops.

Get over it Ruby, it's awesome!

4.3% ABV

21 IBU

16 oz. serving

(Light Lager)

Maize N Grace... How Sweet's the beer?

Yooper twist on a German Kölsch, one of the most drinkable beers from God's country!

Light, refreshing, but very flavorful from additions of pilsner malt, flaked maize (corn), and mildly floral noble hops.

Representing America's heartland, stars-n-stripes, and the good Lord above... a true, "flag"-ship beer.


4.1% ABV

24 IBU

16 oz serving

Negative Nancy's 'NOT VERY GOOD' IPA
(American IPA)

Don't even try it.

You're not gonna like it.... At all!

We only packed it full of Centennial, Warrior, Chinook, and Simcoe hops to give it a splash of herbal, resinous, piney, juicy-hop character... Despicable! A malty and slightly sweet backbone to balance that hoppy flavor and aroma sounds like a bad idea as well...

So if you must, try it... but remember, Nancy warned you!


7.7% ABV 

58 IBU

16 oz serving

(Irish Stout)

This Jet-Black bird of prey is coming for you! Nighthawk is a light-bodied, highly drinkable Irish Stout that is opaque black with a frothy tan head. The nose is clearly dark roast coffee with a hint of vanilla... 

The flavor follows suit with notes of coffee and vanilla and finishes slightly sweet and dry due to the roasted barley in the grain bill... 

Warning: This is NOT a one-and-done beer... one sip and Nighthawk will be in your crosshairs!


4.5% ABV

25 IBU

16 oz serving

The Philosopher
(Trappist Ale)

This Belgian heavyweight will have your thoughts looking inward to solve all of the world's problems. 

A mahogany -colored trappist ale, with notes of mild spice, fig, dates, raisins, toffee, and candied fruit... This sipper will help channel your inner monk!

Drink wisely and proclaim thoughtfully...


8.8% ABV

18 IBU


Traunik 2-Step
(Pale Ale)

For the lands yonder... From Traunik to Frog Holler... Comes a Pale Ale meant to tell a tale... A tale of a new style of beer, The Crescendo PALE ALE! It's main character, Amarillo hops.... Starting slow thru the boil, dancing it's way thru the premium pale and Munich malts, gaining momentum until the end of the boil, where the journey ends with the largest addition, the grand finale!

TRAUNIK 2-STEP boasts pleasant tropical pineapple aroma... it works its way thru the peppery, malty, sweet backbone, and finishes with a dry mix of tropical notes. 


5% ABV

45 IBU

16 oz serving

Snowpants Romance
(Winter Witbier)

​A lil' something to set the mood for winter... a refreshing witbier using white wheat, coriander, bitter orange peel, and grains of paradise to spice it up. The witbier yeast rounds out this liquid love affair with a refreshing mix lemon meringue and mild citrus fruit.

Let's get it on and take it off! 


5.5% ABV

28 IBU

16 oz serving

Amnesiology... The Head Scratcher
(Scotch Ale)

​A high octane, yet very quaff-able sipper... This scotch ale is made with 10 different varieties of grain; including cherry wood smoked malt and flaked rye. This beer delivers on complexity... a smokey-sweet nose leads into light campfire smoke, dark fruit, burnt brown sugar, a slight phenolic bite, and ends with a malty-sweet finish. 

Curse me Kilts! She's a dandy! 


8.4% ABV

 26 IBU

16 oz serving


We do offer Beer Flights

Any 4 Beers of your choice

(Wine not included)


Beers pictured from left to right are...

Snowpants Romance, Moody Ruby,

Negative Nancy, & Nighthawk


Brewing several different varieties of beer to have on tap is not enough for us!


We also have a small selection

of wines and/or hard cider (variable by season).

Call today to find out what our current selection is! (906)-387-BREW


A dry white wine made with American chardonnay grapes and aged in light toasted oak. 


Alc. 12.5% 

5 oz serving


A semi-dry red wine made with American Merlot grapes and aged in medium toast oak. 


Alc. 12%

5 oz serving 

Winter Sangria

A semi-sweet white wine with citrus and herbal notes.


Alc. 7.5%

5 oz serving